Monday, December 8, 2008


It's CHRISTMAS!!! And it's a time for exchanging present! Couldn't think of what to give to your beloved ones?? Here's a good suggestion for everyone. A christmas keychain with name stiched on it!! Isn't that sounds cute and lovely with someone's name on the present itself?? Ah-haaa!!
Here's a few keychain samples that are customizable to your own liking.There are lots of items for you to choose like candy cane, christmas tree, gift box, socks, christmas tree balls, love, jack-the nightmare before christmas, candy, star and lots more to choose. You can mix and match these items or we can customize other items to your own preferences.
The prices will be depending on the item chosen and usually will range from RM11-RM17. It's time to give and get a gift for yourself too!!! ;) So, let's go LOVELY STICHY FRENZY THIS CHRISTMAS!!!! :)
Design 1


RM16 (for him)

Design 3


Design 4

RM16 (for him)

Design 5

Design 6

(near view)

Design 7

Design 8
Items code :
Brown Xmas Heart (long-5.5cm; width-5cm) : 001
Red Xmas Heart (long-5.5cm; width-5cm) : 002
Jack (Nightmare before xmas)(long-4.5cm; width-4.5cm) : 003
Xmas Wreath (long-5.5cm; width-5.5cm) : 004
Xmas Socks (long5.5cm; width-4.3cm) : 005
Xmas Candy Cane (long-4.5cm; width-2.5cm) : 006
Xmas Candy (long-4.5cm; width-1.8cm) : 007
Xmas Tree (long-4.5cm; width-3.5cm) : 008
Xmas Tree Ball (long-2.8cm; width-2.8cm) : 009
Name Block (according to number of alphabets) : 010
*Measurement doesnt include the long of the ribbons attacthed to the ring. Items' colour can be customize according to customer's favour. Other idea of item can be added as long it is do able... :) *